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Wild Rabbit Bistro
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Wild Rabbit Bistro in Ormond Beach, Florida

Wild Rabbit Bistro is pretty much my favorite place to eat locally. The environment is bright and clean, everyone is friendly and helpful, they give you plenty of water, and the food is fresh andĀ amazing. And lately, it seems like they’ve been expanding their menu to include more vegan items (which are clearly marked on […]

easy vegan sugar glaze
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Kitchen Basics: Easy Vegan Sugar Glaze

This versatile, easy vegan sugar glaze is quick to make and can be used to sweeten many desserts. Drizzle it over cakes, cookies, muffins and more. With an addition of a little lemon juice and lemon zest, you can make a delicious citrus glaze. Orange and lime juice can be used, too! If you don’t […]

Cuisinart vegan ice cream maker
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Our New Ice Cream Maker

I’ve recently started to miss some foods that IĀ  used to eat every few months or so – I guess my body is like “Hey, where’s that treat we had 4 times a year?” Two of the things, and really the only things, are pizza and ice cream. Pizza, I can fix with no cheese […]