Ingredient: pickled jalapenos

curtido salvadoran slaw
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Curtido Salvadoran Slaw

The first time I made curtido Salvadoran slaw, I was using a not-so-hot recipe and the results were very vinegar-y. For Honduran, Cuban and Salvadoran recipes, you will find many versions online of the most used recipes. You have to eat each food (prepared by someone else) a few times, then try several recipes until […]

slow cooker three bean chili
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Slow Cooker Three Bean Chili

Make this tasty, delicious slow cooker three bean chili as spicy as you like! The addition of salsa and chopped jalapenos lets you control the heat by adding more or less. I’ve never been a fan of hot foods when the heat keeps you from tasting the flavors. This recipe is spicy, but all the […]

jalapeno and everything bagels
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Jalapeno and Everything Pretzels

I made vegan Jalapeno and Everything Pretzels¬†(Everything Bagel Seasoning recipe here) for my first time making pretzels. I will definitely make this recipe many times. You can make the base recipe and just use coarse salt as your topping, or you can use other toppings. Some other great toppings would be cinnamon and sugar, garlic […]