Wild Rabbit Bistro

Wild Rabbit Bistro in Ormond Beach, Florida

Wild Rabbit Bistro is pretty much my favorite place to eat locally. The environment is bright and clean, everyone is friendly and helpful, they give you plenty of water, and the food is fresh and amazing. And lately, it seems like they’ve been expanding their menu to include more vegan items (which are clearly marked on the printed menu). Maybe Potted plant at Wild Rabbit BistroI’m just imagining it, but either way, I’m thrilled!

Mr. Key Lime and I have eaten at Wild Rabbit Bistro a few times and I’ve met friends there a few times, too. This trip, we went to try the vegan Impossible Burger. The restaurant was having an Impossible Burger special for a few days, so we ran down there to finally get to try one. Impossible Foods, the company that created the Impossible Burger, is slowly distributing them into restaurants across the country and the burgers aren’t available at the retail level. At all. So we had to see (and taste) one for ourselves.

I follow Wild Rabbit on Instagram and had seen a vegan baker on staff at the restaurant. I had been “liking” their vegan cakes and treats posts for a while and was intrigued.

I have eaten veggie wraps there before and I love their a-maz-ing Buddha Bowl. The menu is seasonal (but isn’t completely different every time you go in, like with some seasonal places) with vegetarian, vegan and gluteImpossible Burger at Wild Rabbit Bistron-free options, so we know we’ll always find something to eat there. (They also serve food for The Others, so you can take your omnivorous friends and family with you.)

Getting back to the Impossible Burger, it was offered with a vegan side and there was a choice of three sides. I picked the sweet potato fries and the Mr. selected the vegan coleslaw. Both were fantastic. Sadly, we don’t recall what the third side offering was. The burger also came with a side of pickles that looked and tasted homemade – very yummy. The burger itself was to die for, with the texture, look, taste and chew of a ground beef burger. The way Wild Rabbit prepares the “meat” is very tasty.

Coconut Cream Cake

Because I had seen all the vegan baked goods online, I talked hubs into splitting a piece of vegan coconut cream cake with me. We never order dessert, but I just had to! It just about killed us (we were so full), but we finished it. The coconut cake piece was huge and we savored every splendid bite.

We will definitely be revisiting Wild Rabbit Bistro for vegan burger nights and lunches and brunches. And I highly recommend the cakes!

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