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Putting the Nut in Coconut

Cooking should be fun, right? People who cook are creatives and artists. We all have our own styles and methods, and we play with food like paint on a canvas. When we read recipes, we taste the ingredients with our imaginations and know if they will or won’t work for us. We know how to manipulate our medium and how to personalize recipes to fit the tastes of our audiences. Cooking is art.

I laugh at everything that’s remotely funny (including this post title). I laugh at the jokes inside my head while other people are talking. If you don’t do anything else in your life, you at least HAVE TO HAVE FUN, however you can! Sometimes you won’t feel well, or your kids or other family members won’t feel well. Maybe some less-than-happy people will try to rain on your parade. But we have to keep going, have to *try* to stay positive, and move forward. A big part of that is taking care of yourself and enjoying good health. And a HUGE part of that is taking care of your body with . . wait for it . . diet and exercise. As vegans, we all know about taking care of our bodies. Some of us might use a little bit too much sugar, or a ton of white flour and a lot of oil, but at the core, we are doing the food thing right (and caring for the planet and animals just by our food choices!).

But no one’s eating routine has to be boring. I like color, tangy flavors, sweet flavors, spices, and herbs. One thing I’ve noticed about giving up all processed foods and cutting back on (especially) salt is that real foods have real flavors and they are delicious! I don’t want to mask those natural flavors. So let’s work at “putting the nut in coconut” and using bright colors, bright flavors, and bright combinations. We want to have fun when we eat, dammit! We want to practice our art!

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