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Let’s Get Cooking!

Yessssss, let’s get cooking!

Any of you who have followed me for a while know that I’ve been posting about “our move” for a few months. Why on earth did our move take so long? What were we really up to?

It all began in February . . . when I began packing our house to get ready to list and show. We had been living in Florida for seven years, so you wouldn’t think we would have that much “stuff.” We had moved to Florida from Oklahoma, and had sold nearly every piece of furniture we had before moving. The problem was, we thought we would be retired in Florida forever. We completely furnished a house (and filled those closets and packed that garage) without future moves in mind. Then, our daughter and her family needed us in the northeast. We had already started to think a 7-year Florida vacation was long enough anyway, so here we are now, in the far north eastern panhandle of West Virginia, a few short miles from Maryland and Virginia.

The past few months have been:

Packing the Florida house in February & March

Listing the house at the end of March

Selling the house in 2 days (with closing date set for the end of April)

Traveling to Maryland/Virginia/West Virginia to house shop late March

Making an offer on the first house we saw, because we LOVED it (with closing date set for a week after the Florida closing)

Returning to Florida to pack up our house into PODS and close at the end of April

Returning to West Virginia (where we bought the new house) to close a week later in April

Painting every wall of the new house and cleaning every inch of every surface in May

Getting our two PODS delivered a few days apart in mid-May to unpack

Unpacking and settling in, which honestly hasn’t completely ended — I have 5 plastic tubs to unpack still

Replacing light fixtures, adding towel racks, ordering curtains & rods (16 windows, compared to SIX in Florida!), and ordering rugs in June

And, believe it or not, that was a quick turnaround for a sell/buy/move!

Isn’t that crazy?! You can see why I wasn’t blogging or cooking! The best I could do was to keep up with instagram, showing the quickie vegan foods we were eating along the way. But that’s all about to change.

Now that we’re settled in, I’ll be posting here on the blog regularly. I’m hoping to also keep up with Twitter, Facebook and maybe even a TikTok account! I am barely any type of photographer (I just like to cook and eat), and now I have to be an amateur videographer? I’ll try. In due time.

I also plan to pick back up on restaurant and market reviews — I’ve already found two farmers markets and a couple of farm-to-market stores I can’t wait to check out! And of course we have just tons of vegan restaurants to try out, especially in Baltimore and DC. I’ll be resuming Meet A Vegan interviews, too, so if you know a special vegan that has an interesting story, let me know. I send the written questions by email, so, easy peasy!

I’m going to be cooking with and for my grandkids, too, now, so I hope to have some ideas to share from that experience. With family in town, we’ll also be entertaining more.

I’ll be checking in with our vegan community’s blogs and trying to keep in touch in more ways. Leave a comment if you would like a follow on any medium!

It feels SO GOOD to be back cooking, sharing recipes, blog posting and chatting on socials!

Now that I’m back, let’s keep in touch. Let me know the best way to engage with you! Thank you all very much for sticking with me, continuing to follow, like, comment, and share. It means so much to me.

Let’s get cooking! Yay!


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