vegan bowl at farmhouse greens

Farmhouse Greens in Catonsville, Maryland

Front counter of restaurant called Farmhouse Greens in Catonsville, MarylandWe recently took a trip to Baltimore, Maryland, and the sweet historical suburbs of Catonsville and Ellicott City. The day after we left, Ellicott City experienced the floods you’ve seen on the news this past week. It was the second time for them to experience that level of flooding in two years. Everyone who has visited there is heartbroken to see such a warm, cute town so rich with history destroyed again.

Catonsville was not as affected, thank goodness, and I know everyone in Catonsville is going well above and beyond to help the victims in their sister city.

I love trying vegan restaurants up and down the east coast, so while we were in town, I was determined to find at least one vegan restaurant. One day, we had time to have a late lunch, so we headed for Farmhouse Greens in Catonsville. Thanks to Google Maps, we found it on the second row of the downtown stores, tucked away in a quiet corner that was a relaxing spot, at least in the mid-afternoon. We were far from the only people there, though, even at that time of day.

The menu at Farmhouse Greens is so extensive! I had a hard time choosing what to have. Anything that isn’t vegan is easily altered to be so. They do have meats, but offer other proteins, too. My husband had a blueberry “and something” smoothie, which he said was excellent.

I ordered the Unfried Rice Bowl with vegan meatballs and it was ah-maz-ing. All the ingredients are very fresh and you can omit any of them, or add other ingredients to suit your taste. Everything is assembled right at the counter, so you can make any last minute changes if you see something that strikes your fancy. The staff is very friendly and helpful and the dining room is very cutely decorated. We loved Farmhouse Greens and we’ll go back every time we are in Catonsville.

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