Two pelicans on a beach

Beach Bum Vegan

Why beach bum vegan? It’s the lifestyle! My husband and I moved to Florida four years ago – he retired and I stopped working (someone has to keep him company). Our “day-to-day” consists of hikes, kayaking, touring Florida, hanging out on the beach. We live outdoors! And we enjoy the fruits of our environment – pineapple, mango, strawberries, avocados, nuts, seeds, and every veggie imaginable. We don’t surf (yet), but I have a fat tire bike for beach rides! In other words, I feel like a beach bum and I highly recommend the lifestyle. For me, “Beach bum” is very unrushed-laid-back-take-it-easy. That’s how I like to cook, too. I like maybe a handful of ingredients in a recipe, not 40! And let’s keep the complexity to a minimum, too. Just nice, easy, beachy cooking with fresh ingredients. Bring over some friends, open some beers, and make some sangria. That’s Beach Bum Vegan.

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